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To create an infographic for the No Wrong Door Companion Guide. It has been produced by the Innovation Unit, working in partnership with North Yorkshire County Council, for use by local authorities adopting the No Wrong Door (NWD) model.

This diagram needed to show the complexity of the No Wrong Door Hub, and the role of foster carers within this. This service shows how a young person is supported throughout the community by different people depending on their situation. It needed to show how the system could flex to the needs of the young person and minimise them going into care. 


To show how 'it takes a village...', I created a map graphic to give a clear overview of the physical locations of people and how they link together.

Colour coding was really important to be able to show how the Hub connects to the community, as well as how they work with mainstream and community foster care. This model means that young people are able to build positive relationships with different foster carers and key workers in the community so they have more options before going into care.


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